Monday, May 30, 2011

Post: An Ultimate Blogger Hiatus Begins

All right. It's not as ultimate as you think (and it's no vacation either), but I feel I must level with you all.

My WiP is on the verge of completion--three chapters to go (aside from what I'm presently drafting), and I'm no closer to finishing it than I was last month. Taking the advice I've posted these last few weeks to heart, I've decided to take a month-long social networking hiatus. No blogger, Facebook--nothing, until the WiP is done. I'll browse what you post, but I have no time to draft my own or place comments. This thing needs to be done. Outlining the rest of the book past 3 AM has driven me to this decision, as are some of my beta readers who are impatiently tapping their feet. Plus, I'm moving . . .
(who knows when we'll have Internet access again).

WiP . . . you're going down!

Before I go, I'd like to acknowledge two new followers!

Sophie Li - An active writer with a heartfelt dream.
J. L. Campbell - A prolific writer from Jamaica!

If you haven't seen their blogs . . . well, see them!

Friends, I bid you ado-well. Keep at your writings, even if you sacrifice the little things that are big to you. I'll keep my word count meters updated if you'd like to monitor my progress. I hope to post again in July!

What sacrifices have you made for your writing?

I'm David, and so begins a new chapter in life!


  1. You're making the right decision, David. Bloggerland will still exist in a months time and right now what matters is your WIP. Come September, when I start my 12-week work break, blogging will HAVE to take a back-seat.

    Good luck with your WIP!

  2. Good luck with the ms David! You can do it! =D

  3. Good luck! We'll see you in a few weeks.

  4. pretty much my entire social life. keep writing, man. and blogging, i'm following.

  5. Hi there, new follower here. Good luck with your book, and hope it ends well for you. I like what I've read here!

  6. I hear you David. We are moving yet, but first we have to sign the papers for the house and that keeps changing. Ugh. I had to cut back on my blogging too.

    I posted the tag you gave me today.

  7. Good luck, I might be joining you in this hiatus. My current is far from over, but it is time sucking me away.