Monday, April 11, 2011

Post: The Shortest of all Updates!

Why? Life happens. In this case, in a good way!

I've been an awful blogger lately, not commenting or reciprocating your visits, which is normally my prerogative, but I hope you understand the toil and stress on my end. To make a long story short, I'm about to own a home! Now I can't stop thinking about Uncle Ben and his "great responsibility" speech. Bear with me as I sort through papers and get ready to leave the renter's world behind. When that's over, I'll dedicate a whole day to catching up on what I've missed.

Update: notice the word meter for my WiP? It's jumped! That's because chapter 19 is done, as is most of chapter 20! Almost two chapters in a week, placing me ahead of schedule. I have a feeling that the falling action will go by like a dog running and slipping on a banana peel, but in a tense, oh-my-gosh kind of way. Not the funny kind.

But this is kinda funny!

Enjoy your week. Click back Thursday for some "professional" action-packed advice.

I'm David, and where can I find a decent door?


  1. Congrats on getting your chapter 19 done and so much progress on chapter 20! So awesome! Congrats on your house as well! How exciting! :)
    p.s. That video was hilarious! LOL

  2. Hi David,
    My goodness:) You are such a 'naughty' blogger. I think you will have to go in front of 'bloggers court', where you shall be duly punished! :)
    Seriously, congratulations on becoming a home owner.
    And, once again, well done for your dedication to your writing. Doing almost two chapters a week and staying focused, I would reckon, is your priority. Totally understandable.
    That video almost slipped me by, but I did watch it. Very good :)
    Take care and happy writing.
    With respect, Gary.

  3. Congratulations to the new home owner!

  4. Eeeee congrats on getting a house!! And chapter 19 but wow scary life changing moment eh?

  5. Congratulations on getting your home. It's an awesome responsibility but well worth it!

    Ooo and congrats on completing another chapter!

    Ellie Garratt

  6. Congrats on both the house and the chapters!