Monday, April 4, 2011

Post: Giveaway Winners and Free Story!


I want to thank everyone who has participated in my 100 followers giveaway. At 23 entries, the turnout was much larger than I expected. Sitting before me are three bowls with your names in them. I will now draw (at random) our three winners. And they are . . .

*Drum roll*

For The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull -

For Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George -

For Monster Hunter: International by Larry Correia -

Congratulations you three! Send me an email (subject: Giveaway Winner) with the preferred address of where you would like me to send your book. You can find my email here. I wish I could award something for all of you, but as promised, I'm offering a 250 word or a query letter critique to ANYONE who wants one. Send me an email. You'll find mine here (subject: 250 Word Critique). I'll review 250 word samples and query letters through this week (until April 11th). No attachments please. Again, thank you all for participating. I have something cool in mind when this place reaches 200.


As a special treat, I've posted a sample of my writing here, with more on the way. Bear in mind, novel writing is my strong suit. Short stories are far more difficult for me. If you find yourself liking these little stories, then my novels may stand a good chance after all. Enjoy!


Here's a special shout-out to The Cosmic Laire's ELEVEN new followers. Please go check out their blogs!

Joshua J. Perkey, wkbentley, Matthew Hayes, Jenni Merritt, Katie Pyne, PK HREZO, The Bentley's, Jim Rasmussen, Nicole Zoltack, Chantele Sedgwick, and Christine Bryant.

Update: it's been another full week. Finishing Chapter 19 wasn't part of it. Spring is here, and with it, allergies, on top of home deals, work, and other stuff that us day-job authors look forward to. I've complained about it before, but you guys get the idea. I have over a thousand words down--with any luck, I'll have it finished this week.

Click back Thursday to "Spring" into action!

I'm David, and *sneeze* excuse me . . .


  1. Woo! Thanks for the shout out!

    Now I am off to check out your writing :)

  2. Ooh, yay! I'm so excited, thanks David!

  3. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the shout-out David! ;)

  4. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the mention. Great be along for your journey. :)

  5. Congrats to the winners! How long are you planning on running the query critiques? (Mines not quite ready yet.)

  6. Thank you all for participating. :)

    Alyson - good question. I just updated some details. I'll review stuff throughout this next week (until April 11th).

  7. Hmmm I may take you up on that query critique. Congrats to the winners btw.

  8. Darn, I wish I had a query letter to send you!
    Congrats to the winners of the books.

  9. Thank you for the shoutout! I'll take you up on the crit offer sometime this week. :)

  10. Absolutely delighted!!! Thank you so much David! I've just emailed you my address!