Saturday, March 26, 2011

Serial Saturdays: Should I, Or Not?

A friend of mine asked a thought-provoking question:

"On your blog, do you post any of your writings?"

The short answer--no (followed by shame).

I've entertained the idea, but I don't exactly have a whole lot of (worthy) freebie stories to give away, but if I want to provide a taste for my awesome readers and share my voice, maybe I should post what freebies I do have, with short, one-page increments each week.

What do you think? Would anyone be interested in what lurks in the dusty files of my early writings? Granted, I'll read them and update if needed. Doing so would boost this blog to three posts a week. That's good, right?

(Positive response = a pilot run, next Saturday)

Aside from that, it looks like the time has come!


I'll post details on Monday for a Signed Book Giveaway.

Speaking of contests, go check out S.M. Schmidt's blog for her first 50 followers contest. Have fun answering her inventive question!

By the way--does anyone know where I can get or how to place some sweet tabs on The Laire? I've looked everywhere, but can't find a set that suits the place.

I'm David, and SCORE! I found a dime!


  1. As in "The Lair" you mean your blog right? Sorry, still catching up.

  2. I say go for it- I always like to read a good story! :)

  3. I think it's a great idea. I do the same on my blog on Fridays. I'm trying to build a readership so I figure I need to give them stuff to read. Go for it!

  4. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers and yes, I'd love to read some of your writing!

  5. Aww thanks for plugging the contest!

    I'd say respect your comfort zone with posting writing. I don't know any authors that I personally read who link anything but excerpts from their published works. And I'm fine with that, if they posted short stories just to have writing for the blog I'd be cranky. It's the battle between why not flush it out into a full length novel vs wanted blog fodder.

    Since you're using blogger look under design from the dashboard, add the gadget pages, voila tabs at the top, bottom, wherever you want it.

  6. If you want, I'd go ahead and post some excerpts or something. I don't do short stories, but if you have them, go for it. I don't know about increments though. I'd probably post the whole things formatted so it only shows the first bit of it. If you want to see all of it, click on it???

  7. Jackson - You are correct. It gives the place a little character, I think.

    Aylson, Libby, Ellie - Thank you, all. :)

    Schmidt, Amber - You brought up good points. Perhaps it's best to add a page of free short stories and call it good. Free samples of my writing--no blog fodder. Win/win! I'll do another page for excerpts when I'm ready to seek representation for them. Thank you both!