Monday, March 7, 2011

Post: This Will Be Quick. Time Is Short!

Hello and welcome again! I hate to disappoint, but I'm plum out of time to draft a witty reflectional post about last week's goings on since I'm a tad behind schedule. If I have any hope of staying on track, I better keep this short and sweet. First, let's welcome our new followers: 

Александр, L. Blankenship, Michael Offut, Cindy Borgne, and Tony Benson.

Each of these fine writers have stellar blogs that I think everyone should go and check out. Go on now, if you haven't already. Go on. Click away and enjoy!

Update: Chapter 18 is (gasp) not finished yet, but I'm over eight pages in. I'm getting close to the end. The chapter contains a very touching scene and I'm doing my best not to ham-and-cheese it up, one of my graver writing weaknesses. That, and I can't afford to keep my friend waiting on new chapters, so this week, I'm pulling double duty. Might have to pull an all-nighter, or two. If there are miracles, I'll be on Chapter 19 next week.

Click back Thursday for an "emotional" Aspiring Advice.

I'm David, and my calender has a beach on it.

P.S. I do want to thank you guys for your comments recently. Last Thursday's column had the largest turnout in its history. Thank you for participating. 


  1. Good luck with the chapter! I tend to go a bit overboard when I'm writing emotional stuff and have to pull it back in my edits.

  2. Hey David,I'm passing onto you the "One Lovely Blog" award. It's great material to use if you want a blog entry that's easy and quick to do. I'd also understand if you don't want to bother with it because it's basically a chain letter with a little picture. Enjoy if you want it and just grab the .jpg from my latest blog entry or the "Award" page I created on my site to house such novelties :).

  3. Wow, that's a long chapter. I like to write short chapters, that way I trick myself into thinking I'm flying through the wip. :)

  4. Susan - I'm one of those long chapter types. My YA isn't too long, though. Thanks :)

    Michael - awesome! Thanks for the award, man! I might just have to find room for it somewhere, and write a post about it next week.

    Demitria, Colene - thank you. I'm trudging, but I'll make it out alive, I think.