Monday, March 21, 2011

Post: Inching Towards 100 - And The End


So I splurged on The Neverending Story the other day, adding to my somewhat modest and limited Blu-ray collection, and we finally had a go of it last night. And you know something? It's still a very enjoyable little film. Even our kid got a kick out of watching Falcore when he chased those bullies into that dumpster in the alley. He made us replay that scene about four times, I think. The laughter was priceless, as is this movie.

Anyway, that's not what this post is about . . .

It's about this place inching towards 100 followers! How fantastic is that? To show my appreciation (when the time comes), I will hold a rather generous Signed Book giveaway. Make haste. Go and spread the word!

A great and giant THANK YOU to all who have followed me so far. It means a lot more than free pizza.

Before our weekly update, say hello to The Laire's latest, all signing in from across international waters:

- an incredible advocate on mental health issues with an intriguing blog that was once featured on a BBC radio station. Welcome, Gary!

Amie Kaufman - an aspiring middle grade writer from the land down under, with a blog that does not beat around the bush. Give her place a swift click!

Madeleine - an aspiring author and recipient of the coveted Star Blogger award, heralding from the United Kingdom. She has a bright future ahead of her!

Ellie Garratt - an aspiring author of speculative fiction who is not afraid to put on a space suit as she reaches for the stars with her writing and her active blog!

Welcome and thank you for your generous followship.

Update - about that chapter 18 business? It's done--and I mean 6k done. It's a real doozy, but we're moving on now. Chapter 19 is mapped out and ready to draft as soon as this post is up, but I should tell you that a benchmark has been reached. 200 pages (I write my drafts in an unusual format, so in double-spaced terms, it's more than that). There are about 27k more words to go (the makings of another six chapters), the final quarter of this WiP. Six weeks before my deadline--six chapters to go. Cakewalk, my friends.

For the sake of "tension," click back Thursday.

I'm David, and who wouldn't want a Luck Dragon?


  1. I was just telling Katie the other day that I was impressed with how many followers you had! Keep up the good work! i don't always comment but I enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Yay for being so close to 100 followers! And I LOVED The Neverending Story when I was a kid. I definitely want a Luck Dragon. :)

  3. Bless you.
    Yay for your increasing followers numbers. I must watch that film. It sounds great :O)

  4. OOo, you got some goodies as new followers! Congrats on getting up there! You'll hit 100 before you know it!

  5. Kari - thank you so much! Knowing I'm being read is even more valuable than comments, I think, but I still like to read them :)

    Madeleine - you're welcome. Indeed, yes. Neverending Story is a great film.

    Shallee, Colene - thanks you guys. :)

  6. Greetings David,
    I have a huge amount of respect for the dedication and the resilience that writers such as your good self, so clearly demonstrate.
    I wish to thank you very much for acknowledging my shy and humble blog. I'm very aware of the wonderful Madeleine and I've had the great honour of interacting with her. I shall also duly check out those other fine bloggers and writers you have noted.
    May you soon reach the milestone of 100 'followers'. It took me nearly four years to reach the 100 mark. All the best and happy writing.
    With respect and kindness, Gary.

  7. Hey, I am glad you stopped by my blog and introduced yourself. Thanks! Can't wait to read more from you on yours!

  8. I LOVE Neverending Story! It was my favorite movie when I was little. That, and Labyrinth. Great job on getting that chapter done!

  9. I liked the idea of the child-like empress. Also the main character "Atreyu"... he's one of the well-known gay actors although I guess he does other things instead of act these days as his career kinda tanked. BTW...I'm also a fan of Carl Sagan. I love his speech to future Martians recorded online.

  10. I remember watching this film in school. The giant snail at the beginning scared me and the whole class cried when the horse died.

  11. Thank you for the shout out - I feel very honoured.

    Congratulations on reaching 100 follwers and for making such great progress with your WIP! I shall be back on Thursday ;)

  12. Hi! Fellow fantasy writer here and new follower -- you're at 98 now :)

  13. Gary - you are most welcome. It's a comfort knowing that people like you still exist. Thank you for your example. :)

    Kathryn, L.G. - thank you for following. :)

    eeleenlee - that brings me back to my childhood. Poor Artax...

    Thanks everyone for your pre-congratulations! Perhaps it's inevitable, but not yet official. Soon now. Get ready for a nifty give-a-way!