Monday, February 21, 2011

Post: Updated - The New Cosmic Laire

After some long and relatively hard thinking, contemplation and compromising, I've taken some recent advice to heart and changed up The Cosmic Laire. It needed an update. After all, if my name is the brand that I'm trying to sell, that should be front and center with other themes and trimmings on the side.

For those of you who are new, welcome! Here you will find a place were Science Fiction and Fantasy share the same quarters . . . without too much damage, we hope. I will ever endeavor to make your visits worth while, but with LTUE, at home with kids on President's Day and personal deadlines, this week's update won't be as I'd normally format. No worries. Everything will be cake after Thursday with my Aspiring Advice column.

It might be a cool time to bring up some well-rounded awesomeness (or unabashed esteem-boosting, take your pick)! This is my 150th post with over 2000 unique visitors, 63 followers (you guys rock) and (in three days) this blog will celebrate its two year anniversary! I do have to ask if I'm getting punked by the visit counter. It took almost two years to obtain 1000 hits, but less than a month to obtain another 1000? I'm not complaining, really. I'm just shocked . . . like Spock!

"This . . . is . . . not . . . logical!"

Updates - I said chapter 17 would be done today, right? Right! However, I did not get started on chapter 18. The good news to offset this setback is that my WiP has crossed the threshold of 80k words! There are now > 29k words to go! With my awesome producer friend demanding the rest of the novel, I've arranged to revise 3 chapters for every new chapter I draft. If I keep this pattern consistent, I should still have this wrapped up and ready to shop before April is out. SO exciting!

That's all for now. A return to normalcy will occur sometime in the near future. Click in again!

I'm David, and I'm not a legitimate Trekkie.


  1. I really like the look of your blog. Loving the Sci-Fi theme.

    New follower...

  2. I'm glad you took my advice to heart! It was awesome to see you again. When you're rich and famous, remember me. :)

  3. Amber - good to see you here! Your advice was great, as was Shallee's, and that panel on blogging that I missed, but I consulted with YOU, so that's a bonus. Rich and famous . . . you're already a few steps ahead of me, but I'll catch up. I'll remember you, rich and famous or not.

    Hanny - not the kind of compliment I'd expect, but I like it. I'll take it! Thank you :)