Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aspiring Advice: When The Heart Skips


Finishing off our Feeling-Good February theme this month, We'll discuss the core that lies at the heart of every writer--that core just happens to be your heart.

A lethargic heart is an unhappy heart. We may sit at our computers (or typewriters, if you got'em) and think little to nothing about the ticker that's always pumping every vampire's favorite soft drink through our veins. If we don't stop to think of how we're treating our heart, it might just stop on us. Not to worry. Here's some things to think about, to let your heart know that it's still loved.

Exercise - if you're like me, you're thinking like Garfield the Cat. I know. Maybe we don't have the time or can't afford a gym membership. If you can make the time and can afford a gym membership, do it. Me? I don't have those resources at the moment. What do I do? I jog the stairs for a few minutes, followed by a five minute, full-body 10 pound weight routine, daily. Ten minutes and I'm done! During the summer is when I get my serious on and hit the outdoor pool. Indoor ones are claustrophobic and has invisible chlorine fog. Phew!

Diet - you know--"die" with a "t" in it (another Garfield reference--I'm in trouble)! What you eat can have a huge impact. It never hurts to read food labels, to see what you're actually consuming. If you can avoid high fructose corn syrup, more power to you. Me? I start my mornings with bananas so I can go bananas with my writing. Those things are packed with energy. You know when you're craving sugary stuff? That craving can be satisfied with a piece of fruit! Man. I don't know what I'm going to do with all those Nerds in my closet . . .

Love - that's right. Love! What better way to warm those chilly cockles than to find something to care about, that you're passionate about, especially in others. These shout-outs that I do is my way of saying "thank you" to my followers, and in turn, it helps me remember who they are. Emotions matter. If you're bogged about Internet trolls and people who can't drive--let it go. You shouldn't talk to trolls anyway!

They Bite. I kid you not.

How do you keep your ticker happy?

I'm David, and tennis balls could be softer.


  1. I've been trying to walk a mile with coworkers on my 15 minute break at work. I like to run, but haven't been motivated enough. Love fruit! I could eat it all the time.

  2. Great post! I've been trying to excercise more (my husband and I are having a little contest) and we try to eat very few processed foods. I love fruit, but tend to skimp on the veggie side - need to do better in that area.

  3. I love this post! It's important to love ourselves and to think positive.

  4. You had me at "vampire's favorite soft drink"! lol

    I DO try to remind myself that fruit can help those sugar cravings. Unfortunately, the sugary coffee concoctions from Starbucks are addictive as hell.

  5. Wow! You guys are all awesome! Thanks for coming, reading and commenting. Whatever your flavor, keep adding more (within reason)!