Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post: A New Year And New Followers!

Happy New Year! (Better late than never, right?)

It's my hope that you all had a splendidly good time and didn't party harder than is physically possible. Who wants to wake up on the first day of the year feeling like your pancreas is about to explode? Well, too much of anything edible will do that. Cheesecake in particular. Easy on the raspberries. Horde not the eggnog!

I'm late with my new years greeting because I've had some serious discussions with myself in the last few days. Reminiscing, to be more specific, about what I'm doing with my life and my writing, but first things first! The Laire has garnered the attention of a few new followers over the holidays, and now, I'd like to return to my usually-on-Mondays tradition of giving the spotlight to those who think my blog is worth following . . . .

Mary Lindsey -she is an aspiring author, at least until her debut novel, Shattered Souls, releases in December this year! Way to go and welcome to my "space" :)

M.J.A. Ware -is an aspiring MG and YA author with a "zombirific" blog and a finished work that he's currently seeking representation for. Welcome and good luck!

Matt Nord -also known as "farmboy," is a writer of horror with focused interest in all things undead. That's the kind of horror I can dig. Zombie hunters unite!

Jen Knox -is one accomplished gal! A Creative Writing professor, a fiction editor, and scores of articles in various magazines. I'm honored to have you here!

Julie Dao - is an aspiring author who is sailing in the same post-college waters as I am and will soon seek representation, just as I am. We have a lot in common!

Again, welcome to the Laire. Enjoy the Journey!

Update: Earlier I mentioned reminiscing about my life and writing. To be honest, I'm slacking. I could be far more productive than I have been. I finished a 120k novel in six months with a family, full-time school, and work, yet it's been almost two years and I haven't finished my next WIP? What's with that? So, as a resolution, I've decided to do something every day towards my writing and a lot less social networking. So much time has passed that I felt disconnected with my current characters, so I'm going to knock two birds with a stone by rereading my WIP from the beginning and cut excess words. I'm at chapter 4 with 800 words cut so far. It may not seem like much, but that's a forth of my normal chapters. With 11 to go, I can sqeeze more in for later, and hopefully, stay within my word count goal.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, and feel free to return on Thursday for my weekly column on Aspiring Advice. I'll try and make it entertaining this time ;)

I'm David, and rosebushes have pointy thorns!


  1. Happy New Year!! Good luck with your WiP! Knuckle down, get it done man!

  2. Consider myself knuckled! Thanks, Colene :)

  3. Good luck! You can do it! Blogging can definitely take a lot of time from 'real' writing.

    And in response to your comment on my blog, I have been writing all my life, but never got serious before 2010. I'd started lots of novels I never finished and learned a bit about querying, but never really took the time to get a thorough knowledge. I had always worked multiple jobs or took college classes before 2010, and so when I finally had time to pursue my passion I did!

    Oops, really long comment :)

  4. Long comments are welcome, and that's great. I'm a big fan of pursuing your passion. Glad to know that we're in the same league. Thanks for answering. To be honest, I forgot I asked.