Monday, December 6, 2010

Post: Achoo! Seasonal Greetings!

No surprise here. The seasons change and so does my health. Combating the cold while figuring plot points is like trying to have a picnic on a cloudy day inside my cranium. The best I can do is . . . do what I can! Other than that, it's been a good weekend. Went to another Brandon Sanderson signing, combined with Dan Wells (to which I finally picked up a copy of his next book, Mr. Monster), did loads of Christmas shopping, and tried to figure out what was wrong with my home computer. It crashed, you see. Motherboard problems. Luckily I have in-laws who are ultra computer savvy and helped me pick out a suitable motherboard replacement, which is significantly cheaper than buying a new computer (and I won't lose important stuff from my hard drive). Yay!

Updates - my cold slowed me down, which is another excuse, I know, but Chapter 15 is still in the works. However, I was able to type in a decent 2K before this cold went "full blown." Another 2K or less will finish it nicely. Looking forward to the suspenseful ending!

Return Thursday for another Aspiring Advice, dealing with science fiction and why its a trickier genre to write than fantasy. Sci-Fi enthusiasts ought not to miss!

I'm David, and mashed potatoes mean something.

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