Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post: No News is Good News, Right?

I'm not sure how to go about this post without getting too personal, but I will say that everyone is home and our new baby is awesome! She makes for a great addition to our little unit. Maybe one day she'll appreciate a good story or fairytale written by her father? Our son is currently enjoying A Christmas Carol as his new bedtime book (you may find that strange, but the little guy enjoys ghosts, at least not the scary ones). As you can imagine, all this adjusting and family time has put a temporary stopper on my writing, which I hope to be able to get back to soon. Until then, I thought it would be helpful to my awesome followers to provide a little update. Speaking of which, we have a ton more followers since I last logged in! Thank each of you for following along on this stellar writing adventure!

Update: as mentioned, nothing new from my end, and no word back from The Intergalactic Medicine Show, but I'll be sure to post something the moment I receive word, desirable or not. Though I haven't written new chapters or paragraphs, my imagination never takes a day off. As a result, the house is littered with notes. That way I can write down new ideas no matter where in the house I am (and it's not like endless clutter hanging loosely on every wall or anything - I'm not that crazy).

I'm off to be a responsible parent now. Again, thank you all for your patience during this imposed hiatus.

I'm David, and Curious George is a Monkey.