Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Sauce: Your Love, I Owe

In my last post, I mentioned my confidence in my short story abilities. Even less confident are my attempts at poetry. Everyone is their harshest critic, but no matter. I figured it would be fun to share random tidbits from my archives, every now and then - cheesy or not. I drafted this six years ago while dating my wife. Enjoy!

Your Love, I Owe - by Yours Truly

Have you discovered a time
when your eyes shine for another,
and the world wouldn't matter
if you had to live without her?

In that valued moment,
when life obtains meaning,
you gain a clearer sense
of your reason for living.

The rarest diamond on Earth,
the finest pearl in the sea.
If I compared you to these,
would you love a man like me?

The dark is light where you are.
My heart longs when you are far.
See in me and always know,
your love, forever, I owe.

Clearly, I was a twitterpated bloke. Still am :)
All right, poets! Good, bad, sad, or cheese?
I'm open to your feedback. "Brutal is best."
Come back tomorrow for more Aspiring Advice


  1. you are talking to someone that loves cheese! I like it!

  2. You're married now, so it must be a great poem!

  3. Thank you, guys. Glad to see that cheese is not out of style. Your feedbacks are appreciated!