Monday, September 13, 2010

Post: Mid-September Already?

Time has flown since my last post. The feathers outside must be an indication of that, or an unfortunate bird . . .

Anyway, Chapter 12 is finished, reviewed, and done! Chapter 13 is well on the way and should be finished before the week is out. This means I could pull three chapters this month, something I haven't accomplished since my complications of last year. Few things are as exciting as reeving up the fire and rediscovering why I'm doing this. It's my dream - plain and simple - and I want to see it come true, even if it's only one book. I know I have a lot more in me than that, but publishing one book, just one, will prove to me that I can do it.

I've noticed two new followers since I last looked - my pals Micheal and Mary! Welcome to the Laire, you two. Also, I intend on writing a column this week about character personalities, as requested by a good friend of mine via facebook. Come back Thursday!

I'm David, and this water tastes rusty.

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