Monday, August 16, 2010

Post: It's chilly all of a sudden . . .

It's the middle of August. Why am I shivering? Weird.
This last weekend was an eventful one, though it was like being bashed by a long-over-due honey-do list, which included fixing the tires on a used jogging stroller. I amazed myself by replacing all the tires! The last time I tried to do something like that, I had a screwdriver . . . well, I'll hold back on the lovely details, if you don't mind. I'm happy to report that the jogging stroller works, my wife and son are happy about going on more walks together, and my arm is happy for not sustaining any bodily injuries. Then there was stargazing. That was . . . stellar! You have to love August and the meteor showers it brings. Thankfully there's a mountain I can drive up not too far from home to see them clearly.

Update: Chapters 10 and 11 read-throughs and third party suggestions are finished. No hefty rewrites needed. My current project now stands at about 62K words with another 40K to go. Or less. I hope. Chapter 12 is looking good so far, just a couple pages left. After last week's critique group session I may need to go back to chapter 8 to cut some unnecessary exposition and add other details, to it and chapters 1, 2, and 7.

If I ever find a moment, I'm going to rewrite Forerunner and submit it to various magazines as well. I understand the problem with it, so it's just a matter of restructuring the deal. That's all for the updates this week. Be sure to check back soon for Aspiring Advice!

I'm David, and I'm not back-to-school shopping!

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