Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post: My Mind has been Workshopped!

Good grief and gravy, man. The lameness that is the maintaining of a consistent blog continues--partially my fault and partially not. This last week has been a hectic ride of intellectual ah ha's and cheap woohoos, starting with a Writing Workshop with my favorite living author, Orson Scott Card. It was my first time meeting the man. He is such a cool dude. And funny! But what the workshop description didn't tell me was that he would stretch my mind. Make it expand. Oh yeah. That he did. Now I have a few tricks and tools to motivate and better my writing! Then I went and saw a movie that I had been anticipating for some time which turned out to be very disappointing. No kidding. It took a few days to recuperate from the shock. Let's just say I'm a little turned off by movies for now. The fireworks on Saturday were nice though, as were the burgers! Happy late birthday, America!

And now, a slice of the past . . .
When I was twelve, I went to a bookstore with my sister. I had a few bucks. I browsed the Sci-Fi section. There I ran into a copy of Ender's Game. I picked it up, read a little, and was intrigued that it was about a boy around my age. So I bought it, read it, and loved it. It was this and other such events in my pre-teen years that encouraged me to take up writing. I wanted to do something with vampires at first, but people kept telling me that Anne Rice held claim to that genre and publishers wouldn't look at anyone else. I didn't bother. So I went with Science Fiction and gave it a go, making a trilogy out of a story idea I had. The rest is history.

Currently I write fantasy, both epic to young adult, for those of you who don't know. My current project is a YA novel (title unannounced) with a fantasy flavor that will, hopefully, appeal to all genders of all ages. Chapter 11 is still underway and nearing completion. If I'm lucky, the novel will be finished before Christmas. That's two years. It hasn't taken me that long to write a novel before, but I'm not dismayed. It took J.K Rowling more than twice that to write the first Harry Potter novel. Maybe that's why it's so good?

That's all the updates for today.
And, as always, thanks for clicking in!

I'm David, and chlorine tastes funny.

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