Monday, May 3, 2010

Post: Blog Adds and New Prose!

Greetings. The weekend is over and I'm back for more. Now, if the weather would just cooperate and turn into Spring already, we'll really be in business.
First up, I wanted you to know that some cool little things have been added to the Laire: A fantastic picture that I custom cropped as a cover for The Dragon's Heart, a Word Count Meter for my most relevant works in progress (over 10K), and a Status Space. Hey. Not only that, but we have over 200 hits now! All right! There's also a picture of me with Halo's Master Chief. If I have the opportunity to snap a few neat pictures, I'll be sure to add them. Enjoy!

Update: Good news and bad again. Good news this time. Chapter 9 is DONE and I've written half a page of all new material! It felt exhilarating.The bad news; I'm not totally satisfied with chapter 9. Weird, huh? Mike read it, my wife read it--they liked it, so why don't I? Post-Conference over-critical-ism? Maybe. It feels rushed in some areas, with a lack of detail. When I have a chance, I'm going to reread 9 again, make a few adjustments if needed, and put it aside for now. Chapter 10 has waited for a long time to hop out of the unfinished chapters folder.
We'll see how far we go this week.
Since last Monday, I've attended a special presentation by WiDo publishing, accidentally missed out on my critique group (doh), signed up for a writing workshop hosted by Orson Scott Card (as well as submitted a page to determine eligibility for his follow-up boot camp), and emailed off a query letter and 3 chapter sample of The Dragon's Heart. There's not much else to say for now, so I'll wrap up and get to work. I know I may have sounded like a sack of crying potatoes last week, but I assure you, it was the kick in the butt that I needed. With so much to look forward too, and half a novel to finish, with summer on the horizon (and a great line-up of movies to boot), there's nothing standing in my way now.
This ball is rolling. And like Indy, I gotta RUN!

I'm David, and I'm craving a good movie.

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