Monday, April 12, 2010

Post: Sand, Sun, Slackers, and Fun!

I'm a terrible blogger . . .

I promised you guys an awesome post about making cool protagonists and what do I do? I go on vacation. Some blogger I am. I had every intention of using the motel’s Internet to stay on schedule, but traveling with a rambunctious little boy makes it a wee bit more difficult. To make matters worse, I was sick the day before we left. That cold really floored me for a whole day. I thought I was getting better! But no. I ended up staying in bed until two in the afternoon, but I felt good enough the next day to visit St. George. I didn’t have to drive so it made the trip more enjoyable. Thanks, Dad in-law. From there, we got to see the amazing sights of Zion National Park and other lesser-known hot spots like The Petrified Sand Dunes of Coral Canyon and another dune with “pink” sand. Yes. Pink. I can’t remember the name of it though.

We visited a ghost town, too! A little place called Grafton, I think. Kinda spooky. Nah. Not really . . . but it did remind me of that one movie . . . “The Village.” Not enough trees though, or red robed people running around. That would have been trippy, me running through the fields, screaming . . .

Anyway, despite odd water, I started a nice tan, obtained a fresh reminder of how good it feels to have a little swim, and had my first experience getting pulled over, curbside, because I was walking to Walgreen’s at 1:30 AM, hunting for earplugs. I’m not a sound sleeper. Be very, very quite. Better yet, don’t walk the streets in the middle of the night. Not recommended.

And now for the most interesting question: what are the chances of running into your boss on a hiking trail in the middle of a national park? True story. Happened at the Temple of Sinawava.

Update: Due to my cold, fatigue from the flash-edit last week, and the vacation trip, I was unable to do any writing at all, not even for the Laire. I have some serious work to catch up on as my awesome critique group will reconvene this Friday. My goal now is to finally wrap up chapter 9 and be on 10 by week's end. This has gone on long enough. It’s time to return to my 2k words-a-day, otherwise I’ll never get this new manuscript finished. But I will. I’m tenacious like that.

Click back this weekend for the Protagonist column that I was supposed to post on my last post. It'll be there this time. Count on it.

I’m David, and I’m craving toast.

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