Monday, March 15, 2010

Post: Out of the Cellar, Into the Woods!

That's right, folks. The seemingly endless exposition in the cellar is finally over! Now I get to start the journey all over again, beginning at the edge of the woods. Once I finish my final reading of the entire exposition-ary chapters (end of 5 through first of 7), I shall tarry forth!

And it was a nice drive to work today. Very nice.

Update: Having stated my enthusiasm, you are safe in assuming that I've finished my edits of chapter 7 and will soon be on to chapter 8. I'm really looking forward to this one. I had a lot of fun drafting these last few chapter, initially, so let's see how they fair with this new flow and voice. If all goes well, I will have chapter 10 redrafted by the first week of April, which means I can finally start BRAND NEW chapters! I just want to get this story done. It needs to be done. The demand is already high enough with my reading groups. I'm glad you guys are hooked!

There's not much else going on in my writing world, so I best be off to get as much done as I can. Thanks to all who've clicked in so far and continue to do so. Keep it up, Aspirers!

My name is David, and I couldn't find my shoes this morning.

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