Monday, March 29, 2010

Post: Flash-Edit

I apologize yet again for not posting an Aspiring Advice column, but I have a reasonable excuse.

Through some networking endeavors, I'm learned that a couple is very interested in reading The Dragon's Heart who happen to have amazing creative credentials behind them and have connections with a few agents. In light of this news, I've decided to drop everything and perform a flash-edit of The Dragon's Heart and send it off to them ASAP, hopefully, by the end of the day. How can I do this to an entire manuscript? I can't, but if anything, the way I presented my dialogue in that novel is what needs the most work. If I brush that up alone, it should make a huge improvement, since the narration is still great. So far I have rushed through 6 chapters in two hours. 19 more to go. Let's see if this is even remotely possible.

There will be no further posts until this is underway.

This is David, and I'm wired!

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