Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post: Too Much Fun at LTUE . . .

. . . to get any writing done!
Oh, but the tips and personal advice!
What a goldmine this weekend proved to be!

Not only was I able to make new acquaintances and meet old friends, but I've figured out a system to help resolve some of the issues that has hung me up lately, so to speak. When I am not writing, I tend to look into movie news and keep myself fairly knowledgeable about films that are coming out two years from now, plus all the minor details and who is involved. It's kinda fun, actually. I've gained a sixth sense about movies now. I can tell if I'm going to enjoy a film or not before I see it, based on the background stuff that happens behind the camera. I think I've done far too much, so much so that it's getting in the way of what's really important . . . time with my wife and my writing!

So, thanks to a good friend of mine, James Dashner (Author of The Maze Runner), I'm going to follow his advice and see how it works. What is his advice? I think I'll share it on Thursday for my Aspiring Advice column, if you don't mind James. So far, it's working. I feel great and I have that sense of accomplishment before my day has fully started.

In short, I had a great and cold weekend, filled with Valentine fun and a red rose for my wife (not to mention the yummy chocolates that she won't share with me . . . not that I need any). Wait. I forgot to mention something rather sad. Our printer died. After 6 years of studious use, our little HP as kaput. Thankfully, it was President's Day weekend! You know, when stores have awesome sales? We found a new printer worth $100 and paid $60 for it, and we also saved $10 on spare ink cartridges. Low and behold, it comes with a scanner/copier! We can also print photos from home now, if we wanted to . . . if we wanted to.
Score another point for awesomeness!

Hey! I just noticed a new follower. Kate! Good to see you and welcome to the Laire!
I don't know why the words on my blog today are either too small or too large, so don't mind the mess while I figure this out.

Update: Okay. You are REALLY going to hate me. Chapter 6 is still not finished. Like I said, I was having too much fun at LTUE to do any writing. However, I am happy to note that I went away from this symposium feeling that everything I have done for this collaboration so far (up to chapter 5) is spot on, needing no further or extensive revisions. YAY! And I can apply what I have learned to my future writings. Not only that, but my wife, who is the most brilliant idea girl in the world, made a comment that totally made an element of my magic system make sense. I was all, WOW, why didn't I think of that before? This is going to strengthen everything, and what better place to put it than right when I am about to explain the magic? Perfect timing! Thanks, honey. You are the best!

Chapter 6 will be done this week.

I'm serious.

Promise, promise!

Writer's of the Future: Still waiting.
I'll make a post if anything happens.
Maybe we'll know in the next six weeks or so.

That is my three cents for this week. I'd like to dish out a little more, but you know, the economy and all. I have to pinch at something.

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