Thursday, December 24, 2009

Word Rouse: Lambent

As it is Christmas Eve, the day before the holiday that I participate, I will present a lazy post. It's been a mad house, getting the house ready for a big party. However, the word I want to use goes well with a Christmas Eve evening, when friends and family gather near a fire, candles, or soft lights. Interesting enough, it's also's word of the day. Great minds must think alike!

Lambent is an adjective that means light, soft light, luminous or flickering, and in some cases, brilliant. It's a great way to describe light or anything that runs over a surface, like shadows, but you can also use it to describe someone; Lambent wit or a Lambent smile, for example.

This is the last post until the 28th.
Happy Christmas, readers and friends.

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