Monday, December 14, 2009

Update: Sloshy Shopping

Have any of you heard of Homestar Runner? Fun website with plenty of random toons. And shirts too. I couldn't help but buy a few since they're so cool. One of them is black with an upside down "sloshy" on the front. What a perfect shirt to wear when you're wrapping up your holiday shopping, driving around in thick, wet snow. Sloch and slush. Slip and slide. Oh what a merry old time! It sure is a great feeling to get that out of the way, two weeks before Christmas day. You can watch the days count down and concentrate more on what Christmas is all about rather than bogging yourself down with the commercialism of it. I feel inspired enough to write a Christmas novelette about the issue, but my mind is drawing a blank. I have blinders on for the current project. Speaking of which . . .

Updates: Last week I said that I would resolve chapters 6 and 7, right? Well, the committee presented a few suggestions to the first three chapters again. Many of them were quite good. I had no choice but to go back to square one and include what was offered since they had some relevance to future chapters. Part of me wants to move on, you know? We could edit the beginning of this tale for years without drafting the last chapter. So I took a stand of sorts, requesting that, unless something really rubs them the wrong way, like nails on a chalkboard, we should put the old chapters aside after I finish this edit and proceed to the next half of the book. I was able to share the new prologue with my wife and brother-in-law and they both felt that it was spot-on as of yesterday. Chapter one is about done with two pages left to altercate. I should have it finished today. Now the plan this week is to finish the edits of 2 and 3 and be done with it until the full draft is complete.

Oh yeah! I built my first for real snowman this weekend too. Cute fella. I named him Fredrick!

Have a super week, everyone. Check back for some interesting words with Word Rouse.

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