Monday, December 21, 2009

Post: Have a Very, Merry Christmas

Did I totally space out on doing an Aspiring Advice post? I did, didn't I. My apologies for that. This has been a wild weekend for some of us. Family parties, a broken arm (not mine, but my poor nephew's), and other responsibilities that needed doing. Still, no excuses. I'll just have to draft up a new one tomorrow. I'm not planning to touch a single computer on Christmas Day.

Update: I read through that chapter 2! It feels so good to meet my goals again. Now I just have to check it a couple times more today before I hand it off to my editors. I hope they have chapter 3 ready for me. I'm just itching to keep this train moving. Also, Forerunner is in it's final stages, for real this time. I'm waiting for three fresh readers to provide their feedback. If all goes well, I'll send Writers of the Future a present before the new year. This week: Chapter 2 completion and Chapter 3 start, maybe even finish. We'll see.

No matter what you celebrate, no matter who you worship, let us remember the one thing that does connect us to each other: our humanity. Merry Christmas, one and all, and have a splendid New Year.

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