Tuesday, May 5, 2009

R&R and a few ZzZzZz...

It's hard to imagine that I haven't written anything in the past 5 days. That's...inconceivable!

That's because everyone needs a break now and again, and so far this has been a fun and memorable trip. I mean, all work and no play makes Dave a wishy washy boy, or something.

I've spent the last 5 days driving through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois in a couple of days with my wife and son, getting acquainted with my new niece and nephews, finally getting to meet people who've read my work and listen to what they had to say about it (good stuff), and getting to know them as well. To meet complete strangers who've read a book that I wrote is rather intimidating! Also I left a few new copies of The Dragon's Heart with my family to distribute while we await word from Shadow Mountain Press. Keep those fingers crossed!

Updates: Nothing new, but gathering lots of ideas. This next week I'm visiting with my parents, and I promised my collaborative partner that I'd work on chapter 4 if I ever had the chance. Now's a good time. I better get a page or two in before everyone wakes up. Stay tuned for more.

Hopefully your week is the best you've ever had. You read this post, so you deserve it.

Why did the dog eat the hamburgur on the floor? Because it was there! :P

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