Monday, April 13, 2009

So That's What Mutton Tastes Like!

It was Lamb, actually, but in any case, I was able to try it this weekend for the first time. Interesting stuff, a bit gamy, and I'm not entirely sure if my stomach agreed with it, but hey, I bet the next time around my insides will be more tolerant. Moving on...

A slight setback has come up in the editing committee for the collaborated work, but that has not stopped me from pushing forward with an additional 3k words this week. My new Acer Aspire One notebook has arrived, so, like any new computer, I spent some time getting acquainted with it and filling up all those GBs with my entire life's work, and a few choice movies and music selections too. I love it. LOVE it! It's a great little machine. For the "on the go" writer, I highly recommend it. It's not too hard on the wallet either, $350, and the smaller screen version is $299. Buy it on Amazon and select free shipping. That way you don't have to pay tax or shipping.

Now to start another new and exciting week of work. Another 3k words and part 1 will be finished. I can't wait to go back and add the little details that I missed the first time around.
It's spring, guys! Why aren't you jumping?

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