Monday, November 29, 2010

Post: Rejections Tangled With Turkey


It is my hope that all of you have had a great weekend, whether you ate turkey or ham, saw Harry Potter or Tangled, or received a rejection or an acceptance letter. For me, it was turkey, Tangled, and a rejection email - not bad for a long weekend! The rejection was for my short story submission Forerunner. It's okay, though. Maybe it didn't quite make the cut or the magazine had too much to work with, but it would've been nice to know if my prose was the problem, you know? All I can do is look at it again, tweak it if necessary, and send it elsewhere. Good plan. I'll run with that. Thankfully, what sorrows I had were drowned in gravy and garnished with a very excellent movie that everyone should see. I think you know which one I'm talking about by now.

And how about that snow, eh? Quite the late blizzard!

Updates: I wish I could say that more is done on the Unannounced YA Fantasy Novel, but spending the weekend with my family kept my eager fingers from the nearest keyboard. I was, however, privileged to sit in as an extra for a locally shot production called Midway to Heaven. It was fun having the back of my head filmed in an expensive-looking-restaurant scene. Thank you, Shelley, for letting me sit in! As for my goals, I will work hard to finish Chapter 15 and make as much headway as I can before the next big holiday. In time. Only in time.

Stay tuned for Thursday, as I will present the Aspiring Advice column that I promised to post a month ago! And a great many thanks for those of you who read and stopped by in my absence. I'm in no way deserving.

I'm David, and you guys are amazing.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post: Back to Business!

Calamities aside and a new routine established (with kinks left to smooth out), it's time to get back to work and join the real world by making stuff up and writing it down! I can't promise the Laire will be back to its former glory (if it has any) until after the Turkey Consumption weekend. Until then, enjoy a brief bit of news . . .

Update: Chapter 15 has been resumed with a nice 200 word start. A working draft ought to be finished before December. Creepy stuff too. I love it when characters find the skeletal remains of some unfortunate fellow who bit the dust ages ago. Brings a sense of ominous tension into the room, or dungeon, or . . . something. Nothing new yet from my Forerunner entry, but I'll be sure to keep you posted the moment word slips in.

Until next time, have a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. See a movie. Hang with friends. Have a cruller!

I'm David, and Sour Patch Kids are . . . sour!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post: No News is Good News, Right?

I'm not sure how to go about this post without getting too personal, but I will say that everyone is home and our new baby is awesome! She makes for a great addition to our little unit. Maybe one day she'll appreciate a good story or fairytale written by her father? Our son is currently enjoying A Christmas Carol as his new bedtime book (you may find that strange, but the little guy enjoys ghosts, at least not the scary ones). As you can imagine, all this adjusting and family time has put a temporary stopper on my writing, which I hope to be able to get back to soon. Until then, I thought it would be helpful to my awesome followers to provide a little update. Speaking of which, we have a ton more followers since I last logged in! Thank each of you for following along on this stellar writing adventure!

Update: as mentioned, nothing new from my end, and no word back from The Intergalactic Medicine Show, but I'll be sure to post something the moment I receive word, desirable or not. Though I haven't written new chapters or paragraphs, my imagination never takes a day off. As a result, the house is littered with notes. That way I can write down new ideas no matter where in the house I am (and it's not like endless clutter hanging loosely on every wall or anything - I'm not that crazy).

I'm off to be a responsible parent now. Again, thank you all for your patience during this imposed hiatus.

I'm David, and Curious George is a Monkey.