Friday, September 15, 2017

Warming up to Writing: Where I've Been For A Year!

Greetings, friends! It’s hard to imagine that I've being away from the blogosphere this long without an update. Rest assured, there were reasons. I'll out point what's been going on since the year started.

First, by some miracle I passed the substance abuse counseling program with high marks, including the licensing exam on the first try! If the fate’s allow, around this time next year, I will be a fully licensed counselor in the field of substance abuse. I never imagined my personal journey would go in this direction, but I have to say this experience has opened a new world with excellent developments. Now I'm a substance abuse counselor by day and a writer by night!

Second, we welcomed a new member into our family in April, who will be known on the blog as Girl 2. She's such an adorable addition!

Third, Woven is available in THREE languages (English, Portuguese, and German)! Ravensburger did an amazing job encapsulating the spirit of the story with its German cover; totally spellbinding. It’s been an honor watching our story weave its way to three continents. Speaking of weaving, here’s a bit of news for those patiently waiting for a Woven follow up. A working draft of Woven 2 (title pending) is finished with two rounds of edits done. It won’t be long before we pitch this addition to the world of Woven. And it's not a typical sequel like most of us are accustomed to. We hope to share more soon!

What does the future hold for this blog and my writing? I’m slowly integrating myself back to the front, starting with social media and a few small projects. I can’t promise when the next release will be or how long they will take. However, this is what I have on my radar:

Woven 2 - complete final draft and submit to our publishers.

My Zombie Summer - finish Part 2 and begin Part 3.

Anthology - releasing this fall with one of my short stories.

HistFic project - my grandfather’s MS has been transcribed.

Space Opera Saga - return to my first books, shape them up for today’s audiences, and see if we can't find a home for them.

Blogging - new content monthly, starting now. And of course, if you'd like me to showcase your books, feel free to contact me here.

That’s the nutshell’s take on the last year away from this corner of the blogosphere. There is another element to my absence; now is not the time to get into that, but I feel it is something important to share later. I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again and again: thank you for your patience!!! A little more time is all I need to start this journey anew and become the writer I’ve always wanted to be.

I'm David, and this is what a trunk full of pizza looks like ...