Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Warp Speed! A Brief Post-Employment Update and My Life, The Universe, and Everything (LTUE) Schedule!

I have about less than ten minutes to write this ... Aaaaand GO!

This is the week of LTUE (Life, the Universe, and Everything), one of my all time favorite conferences. A three day event with more panels than you can possibly attend and guests you won't want to miss. I'm once again guesting as an author panelist and having a duel launch party with the awesome Rebecca Rode (if you haven't checked out her Numbers Game yet, you should!). We will have goodies, and prices, and sign books. In you're in town tomorrow night, join us!

And if you're going to LTUE, you can find me at these events:

Thursday @ 1 pm - Gaming Addiction
Thursday @ 6:30 pm - Duel Launch Party, Provo Library
Friday @ 10 am - Kid's Genre TV (Moderating)
Friday @ 1 pm - Education in Culture
Friday @ 5 pm - 20 Years of Pixar
Friday @ 8 pm - Mass Book Signing!
Saturday @ 10 am - The Criminal Element (Moderating)
Saturday @ 4 pm - Guns and Those Who Use Wield Them

I may be doing a cool Star Wars debate: Is Rey a Skywalker? Yes or no, and why? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments!

*     *     *

Life Update: for those of you who've been following me, you'll know the last three months were quite the ordeal for things on this end of the universe. Tough goings on. As it turns out, another outfit was looking hard for someone with my tailored area of experience for part time work. After a little scheduling, I said, "Why not?!" So I'm double employed now. Add writing to that mix and ... yeah ... never been busier in my life. Which is a good thing. This means I won't be full time writing anymore, but I will have a solid two-hour block a day. If I stick to that, I'll be fine. I'm itching to get these projects done!

Speaking of time, mine is up. Have a great week, everyone!

It's conference time again! Do you go to any? Which ones are your favorite? It is possible to have too much of a good thing?

I'm David, and the Stormtroopers' aim is getting better ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

IWSG: Crisis Averted! A New World Of Possibilities Lies On The Horizon As I Start New Employment

 It's that time again! Special thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for creating and hosting the Insecure Writer's Support Group, a monthly forum for writers to share insecurities without fear of reprisal. Let's get insecure!

Gang, this is going to sound nuts. After three months of tireless job seeking, I've been offered a new situation with my previous employer. Kinda went full circle there for a while, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. There's a lot for me to take in, some brand new realities to accept, and I'm not sure how I will assimilate just yet. I just know that I have to. There will be some continuing education involved, so how this new regiment will fit into writing has yet to be determined. But that's okay! I can finally stop worrying and focus on living.

It's a long story, forgive me for sparing the details. I have, however, learned a great deal about job seeking. It's a job all by itself!

I cannot, just cannot, thank this community for your support and your help enough during these last few months. Not knowing what the future had in store for us, I stressed the blog tour quite heavily. Just so you know, your efforts made a REALLY huge difference. The Undead Road tour was a success--better than anticipated (I try not to have expectations, so that's saying something). This success will allow me to produce the next two installments with relative ease. I just need to schedule my time wisely now ... like a super mage!

 Best overall ranking during the tour - Thank you!

My bio will be updated later. Time to get ready for work. Thank you. Thank you, all! You've really helped be from falling into the darkest and deepest abyss I've ever come close to falling into. Thank you!

Now back to life, learning, and writing. Full steam ahead!

How have you averted a crisis? What's the hardest struggle you've overcome? If you read The Undead Road, what did you think?

I'm David, and the night really IS darkest before the dawn.

Monday, January 25, 2016

THE UNDEAD ROAD Tour: Paperback Release Party, Guest Posts, and .99 Cents Kindle Sale All Week Long!

It's the official release week of The Undead Road paperback! This is a very exciting time for me, finally sharing my version of zombies in a world of twisted dark humor, starring coming-of-age survivors.

To celebrate, the ebook is available for .99 cents this week only! The paperback is also available for a cool $10.99 (it looks really cool!).

I'd like to thank so many of you who made this book possible. To Steven Novak for creating the cool cover, Reece Hanzon for editing your heart out of this, and to my readers who have already left some fantastic reviews. If you are willing to read and review this book too, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm also holding a small contest. By commenting on this post (which will be up all this week) and/or tweeting about this book with the provided text below, you will be eligible for a free ebook. One out of every 10 participates will win!

Here's the text for the tweet. Be sure to include my handle so I can see it and record your entry:

"Nothing brings the family together like a  ..."    99 cent @DavidPowersKing

Winners will be announced on Feb 3rd (may get the book sooner).


You can enter for an additional chance over at Book Geek Reviews! Read the awesome review they wrote and enter the rafflecopter.

*     *     *

Who's on the tour? Below is the schedule. I will leave guest posts, interviews, and interesting factoids you won't find anywhere else. Be sure to visit each of the host's websites on their respective days:

January 26th - Chemist Ken - Elana Johnson - Nick Wilford 

*     *     *

On a slightly more serious note, it would mean the world to me if you would share his book with all you know, especially if they are zombie fans. Some of you know I lost my job recently. While I am searching for a new situation and drafting Part Two of this adventure, I'm very reliant on this book to support my family for the time being. Read. Enjoy. Share. Review. Every little bit helps. Thank you so much!

Sound good? Ready to go? Then let's hit the road! Thanks for stopping by, and have a fantastic week. Don't get bit, now.

I'm David, and "did somebody order a pizza?"

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Is Strange Enough Without The Power To Rewind Time, But I Would Surely Love To Give It A Try!'s been a while since I last did a game review. I had just finished this one before I heard the news of my job going away. Until I find a new one, I may not have the time or resources to review things like I used to. At least I have a killer game to talk about, one that deserves all the awards getting thrown at it.

In Life is Strange, you take control of Max Caulfield, a photography student at the prestigious art school of Blackwell Academy, in a small town along the Oregon coast. But things get interesting when Max saves her childhood friend by going back a few minutes in time. Since this is an adventure/choice game where the decisions you make causes a butterfly effect to the story, the idea of raising your hand to go back a brief moment in time is brilliant. Don't like the decision you made or the line of dialogue you used? You can go back and change it. This presents a whole new way of thinking about problem solving. Sure, you troubleshooted through a situation, but really, is what you ultimately decide on really the right choice?

Kinda messes with your head if you really think about it.

A major draw for me as I was playing this game was the sheer atmospheric tone, and also the excellent choice of indie music. Having lived a year along the Oregon coast, this game sure brought me back.

The glue to this story falls on Max's friend Chloe, who became a rebellious teenager when Max moved away. Their chemistry is very strong and well played out, not to mention believable.

But then things start to happen after Max tells Chloe what she can do with time, which then gives Chloe the idea to use these powers to investigate the disappearance of her other friend Rachel, who was a former Blackwell student before Max returned to Arcadia Bay. What unfolds is an enduring story of rekindled friendship and many difficult choices, with bullies, boys, and suicidal classmates through into the mix. And did I mention the impending anomaly of warped space time that grows stronger the more Max uses her special power?

Many reoccurring themes are expertly layered throughout this game. A pure and emotional ride from start to finish. Everyone swears like a sailor, perfect for a coastal town!

I'd be crossing into spoiler territory if I say much more, but I will say this: Life is Strange is one of those rare journeys you take where you don't know what's in front of you and the past is likely to haunt you, and its conclusion rests on, what I think, is the most difficult choice I've ever had to make in a game like this. Because you care about the characters, and this game is not afraid to kill its darlings. Max gets my "favorite original character" award for 2015.

Final verdict: 5 out of 5 Crullers

*     *     *

In other news, next week is the Undead Road Tour! There will be a special promotion all week long on Amazon to celebrate the release of the paperback, including a dozen tour stops and a free ebook to one of every 10 commenters on this blog all next week. Come for the party and stick around to get infected by the hordes of Vectors!

If you could rewind time for a little bit, what would you do? Ever been to Oregon? Have you ever rekindled an old friendship?