Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Running on Fumes

I'm pleased to announce that I have not purchased a single drop of gas during the ENTIRE month of June. Go me! But, seriously, my car is running on fumes now. It's time to fill'er up!

I wish I could say that there is more going on in my life other than writing, working, being a good husband and father, in-law, son, brother, friend, and collaborator, but if I did, it would be all filler. Life is in a good balance at the moment, which is the perfect medicine for getting back to the keyboard and typing away. I wish to thank everyone who has and continues to believe in me and the words I group together. You are my inspiration and motivation. Life has been relatively kind to me, bestowing unique bouts of wisdom and moral guidance that I feel is important to share, and through fiction, I can present them to others in an enlightening and hopefully entertaining way. Thank you all again!

Still awaiting word from Shadow Mountain about The Dragon's Heart. It has been two months since I pitched and submitted my manuscript, but, I have plenty more to write as I wait.

This week: Chapter 6 continues. We have nearly reached 4k words and it looks like it may be 6k words before it's finished, making it the longest chapter so far in this collaborative work. Which is okay, I think. It's an important chapter. Lot's of information that needs to be, umm...unraveled! That's a good word to describe it. At the moment, I am drafting, what I think, is the coolest magic scene that I have yet to write, and it involves a loom. You know, a machine that you weave fabric with. It's right up there with the Harry Potter "moving paintings" kinda cool.

Looking forward to this 4th of July weekend. Hopefully I will not break my new diet on too much grilled goodness. Yes, I am dieing...I mean, DIETING. That's what I meant to say. Dieting!

Monday, June 22, 2009

1/4th of the way done.

Greetings, friends.

I'm please to announce that my first collaboration novel is a quarter of the way finished. About another 60k words to go. YAY!

The rest of my Four Corners vacation was a blast and a bang, in some respects. However, in Canyon De Chelly, AZ, we had planned on horseback riding into the canyon. Note: I was thrown off a horse when I was six and I have never been on a horse again since. Well, I cast my fears aside and mounted a very good looking animal, however, I sat on my hand wrong, bending my knuckles the opposite way, and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I Hate passing out. Hate it. But I landed in such a way that no serious injury was inflicted. A bump on the side of the head, a bruised shoulder and hip. I could've broken an arm, or worse, my neck, falling off a horse like that. Anyway, I'd like to thank our guide, Gabrel, for rushing to my aid and dowsing me with water. Now, to put this experience into a novel...

I'm back at work now with a few things to take care of, but nothing that I or my co worker/collaborator can't handle. This week: Working on chapter 6, which is already 2k words in. Looking good. I just can't wait to share this story when it's finished. It shows much promise.

Get your shoes on. We're going outside!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ruins, Fire, Ice, and Petrified.

Apologies for two weeks of no posts, but my precious time had other matters to take car of first. You know, bills, touching up, bills, a chapter 5 to wrap up, more bills, but the most exciting of all was the packing of my bag. Having said that, greetings from Gallup, New Mexico!

This year's annual summer vacation has taken me to many new sights and experiences that has both enriched and enlightened me in quantumly immeasurable ways. The best part is that there's four days left. More to enjoy! So far we've been to Mesa Verde in Colorado to visit the ancient cliff dwellings of the Ancestral Puebloans. Here's one of many ruins that we saw there.

Next stop, The Land of Fire and Ice, an extinct volcano and a neighboring ice cave. After that, a petrified forest in Arizona. I have to say, spending some quality time with family in these remote and desolate places is not only fun, but inspiring. Let's just say that future writing projects now have a landscape to go with the stories in my head. More to come as the trip unfolds, and a new chapter 6 is in development, being written during these long stretches in between.

Got to love the tiny notebook!

And the stars are incredible. Makes you pause to wonder what we're all here for.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brew Me A Storm, Would'cha?

As storm clouds roll in, my mental clouds have parted. Now the writing can finally continue.

Much of this parting had to do with forcing myself to do a few things that I normally wouldn't do, like, wash all the windows in the house. I got to tell ya, it was quite a pane, but it was worth it in the end. Now we can see outside our house. To celebrate, I took my wife and son to a local waterfall and enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch. Another helpful hand was Joshua Perkey, who entrusted a portion of his novel for me to proof. I must say, it's quite epic! He received a generous offer from a publisher to help him find the right publisher for his book. What a rare opportunity. I'm really excited for him! That, and it inspired me to hop out of my slum. Thanks a million, Josh!

This week: I plan to catch up on my work and finish chapter 5, which several of you are waiting impatiently for. Don't worry. The wait will be worth it. Get some tissues. You'll be crying with laughter.

I'm looking forward to a free lunch this afternoon. I hope the weather permits. It's dark outside. The lunch is outside. I'm not fond of soggy lunches.